Changelogs Server maintenance over!

- Warriors can' t use the wrong weapon in the wrong stance anymore
- Transmogrified items can be upgraded again
- TWs' monsters life has been increased
- Apocalypse armour is tradable now
- Orcs loot gems again
- Items in gor are available for all countries again

2015-07-28 - By Team

Changelogs Server maintenance over!

- The patch has been released(look forum)
- Skillpoints have been increased(every character received 100 skill points)
- A bug regarding the guild deposit has been fixed

2015-07-27 - By Team

Maintenances Server patch

The server will be shut down at 27.07.15 10 AM (CEST) to release the new patch!
You find all patch notes in our forum or by clicking on this link.

4StoryPW Team

2015-07-26 - By Team

Notices Monthly honour reset

Dear users,
due to abnormal honour farming this month, we will reset the monthly honour of every character! Next month we will be better prepared.

Sorry for any inconvenience!
4StoryPW Team

2015-07-25 - By Team

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